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Due to the custom nature of eyeglasses, all prescription frame and sunglass sales are FINAL: No refunds or exchanges will be given. Payment in full is expected at time professional services are rendered and/or optical purchases are made, and no refunds will be made for any services provided by our office.

Non-prescription sunglasses and eyeglass chain holders or straps must be returned or exchanged within 10 days of purchase with receipt and in ORIGINAL condition. Damaged sunglass frames or straps will not be refunded. Vision training software purchased at Modern Eyes, LLC may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. No other optical accessories may be returned or exchanged.

We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, and Care Credit as forms of payment. Concerning minor children of divorced parents, we will consider the parent present with the child in our office to be the party responsible for making buying decisions and paying the bills.



  • Regarding problems with eyeglass prescriptions that we fill which were written by a doctor here at Modern Eyes, LLC, the eyeglasses will be inspected to verify that they are fit appropriately and will be adjusted as necessary. If, within 60 days of the initial office visit, the doctor or staff believes that an additional office visit will be necessary to recheck the prescription, then this additional visit will be scheduled at no additional charge. If at the time of this visit, it is determined that new lenses are necessary, they will be changed at no additional charge. Re-check visits and/or new lenses after 60 days will be charged the usual fees.
  • Regarding prescriptions filled by us which were written by another doctor from another office, if a new prescription is needed, we will remake the lenses with the new prescription (obtained by the prescribing doctor) ONE time within 60 days of the exam. Any additional remakes will be at the usual charges.
  • Regarding adaptation problems related to progressive (i.e., no-line bifocals) lenses, we will remake the lenses into either flat-top bifocals (i.e., bifocals with a line) or single vision lenses at no additional fee. No refunds will be issued for any cost differences between the two styles of lenses.
  • Regarding ALL lens remakes, any options that were on the original lenses that are not wanted on the remake will NOT be refunded. All remake prescriptions must be made in the same original frame the patient selected. No frame exchanges will be permitted for remake prescriptions.
  • Regarding prescriptions written here at Modern Eyes, LLC that are filled at another optical location, if a lens prescription change is needed after glasses are made, the new prescription will be provided at no charge within 60 days of the exam. In this situation, we will not be responsible for any lens or frame charges incurred. Most reputable optical dispensaries allow doctor Rx changes at no charge, but it is up to the patient to inquire about such policies at that location in advance of purchase.


  • Frames purchased at Modern Eyes, LLC have a one year manufacturer defect warranty, unless otherwise stated at time of purchase (e.g., clearance frames, etc.) This warranty pertains to normal wear and tear only. Damage by accident or loss of frames is not covered by the warranty. We reserve the right to inspect and determine if the frames can be replaced under warranty. Frame exchanges will not permitted because of dissatisfaction with the initial frame selection.
  • The utmost care will be taken in the handling of patients’ own frame(s); however, if the frame is not new, or is new but purchased elsewhere, Modern Eyes, LLC will not be responsible for any damage that might occur to the frame in the process of fabricating the prescription lenses for that particular frame.

Lens Options:

  • Anti-reflective coated lenses have a 1-year warranty against coating defects such as flaking or peeling, which have occurred due to normal wear and tear. We reserve the right to inspect and determine if the lenses can be replaced under warranty.
  • If a scratch-coat warranty was purchased at the time of the initial transaction, then we will remake new lenses in the same frame for up to 1 year from the time of the initial purchase. Only one remake will be allowed during this one year period. This warranty covers normal wear and tear only, and not any accidental damage.
  • Regarding lenses made with Transitions®, if the patient is not happy with the product, we will remake the lenses in the same frame without the Transitions® within 60 days of purchase at no additional charge. No refunds will be made for the cost of the Transitions®

Contact Lenses:

  • Only disposable contact lens boxes that are unopened and in resalable condition, i.e., free of any markings, dents, or damages will be exchanged or refunded. Contacts must be returned within 60 days of purchase. Contacts purchased using any insurance plans may be exchanged only and cannot be refunded. Specialty-made contacts, custom-made contacts, or RGP contacts cannot be returned or refunded. We welcome telephone orders for contact lenses secured by a credit card.

Contact Lens Exams:

  • All contact lens follow up appointments must be completed within 3 months of the initial comprehensive exam. There may be additional office visit charges if the patient fails to come back for their follow-up appointment(s) to finalize their prescription.

We are not responsible for glasses or contacts that are not picked up within 90 days. Payments or deposits will NOT be refunded. Any other unusual circumstances that are not mentioned above will be handled on a case by case basis.

This version of this notice was published and became effective as of April 1, 2011. Copies of this notice are kept at our front desk continuously and are available by request.